Asked on Dec 26, 2018

How do I hide an ugly door?

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How can I hide an ugly door in my bathroom that leads to storage space in th wall behind the tub?

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  • Em
    on Dec 26, 2018

    Hang a cute framed piece of art on it. If it is off center and looks odd, hang two pieces equally spaced so they look like you planned them to be there all along. Hang a cute saying on it, Paint the door and stencil something on it, add a small strip of wood to the bottom sticking out horizontally and use it to put soap, shampoo etc on it so it looks like a shelf. Add a stick on mirrored tile and a hook for hanging bath scrubber or face cloth.

  • Janice
    on Dec 26, 2018

    How about hanging a beautiful curtain panel over the door. Just use the usual hardware and rod above the door and then you can change the panel when you grow tired of it.

  • Paint! How about adding embellishment trim?

  • Pamela
    on Dec 26, 2018

    They make door decals ! Make it look like you're looking at a beach , forest, valley...

    put a mirror on the door of hang pictures on it , attach a shelf or two for added storage .

  • Dana Mason
    on Dec 27, 2018

    you could put small shelves down the door and trim the edges with some trim molding to make a murphy door that gives you storage for small items.

    Look up Murphy doors online to get different ideas.

  • Lindsay Aratari
    on Dec 27, 2018

    You could add a wreath to it to make it a little prettier or you could try painting it a fun color!

  • Amanda
    on Dec 27, 2018

    Hello. You could put up a curtain rod and add a curtain to cover it. It may even make the room look bigger with it going floor to ceiling.

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