Asked on Dec 27, 2018

How do I remove ballpoint ink stain from a yellow upholstered chair?

Adrienne Carrie Hubbard | Crafty Little GnomeEbbjdlJoanne


3 answers
  • Joanne
    on Dec 27, 2018

    Depends on how much ink is there you can try: spray on cheap hair spray it will dissolve as you will see, blot with a cloth inward towards the stain, do not rub it outwards making the stain larger. As you go it will bleed as it dissolves so do not leave for a coffee break. you may need to do it several times. I have also used goo begone to remove ink from a painted wall. and on a shirt, it will leave a oil on it but then wash out. . I have not tried a tide pen might work. if it does not come out you can get fabric paint pens that might cover up.

  • Ebbjdl
    on Dec 27, 2018

    Pat Lake,. Hair spray is the answer.

  • I have a bissell little green wet/dry upholstery vacuum that works wonders on fabric chairs and couches. Try the hairspray and then a little steam cleaner vacuum

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