Asked on Dec 28, 2018

How can I store my Christmas tree?

2dogalKaren Brunck


I have a 6 1/2 ft tree and very limited storage area. I always have an impossible task of getting the tree back into the box and keeping it from exploding open again. Does anybody have any tricks to store such a beast?

2 answers
  • Karen Brunck
    on Dec 28, 2018

    Hi Kauai. Push all the branches upwards, place in box, push down, repeat for each section. Use heavy duty packing tape to deal the box. I do this with mine and it holds well.

  • 2dogal
    on Dec 28, 2018

    I made a "bag" out of a sheet. I first collapse all the branches toward the trunk, then put it in the bag. (Much easier than trying to get it into a box). I then take a long piece of cord and wrap it around the tree tightly ending at the open end and tying it closed.

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