How can I maximize my floor space?


All for storage purposes. I have virtually no floor space, no eat in kitchen and no diningroom and very limited floor space so anything off the floor for as much storage I can get! THANKYOU to all of you who I am so greatful to have in my life to turn to in these horrible situations. Also does anyone know what I could use 4 louvered doors for other than doors? Thanks to all, you have already given me so much inspiration, I could never repay your kindness and awesome ideas. Most I would have to purchase as I do not have anyone to help me build anything and cannot afford to pay anyone as well so I’m kinda caught between a rock and a hard place where floor space is so so limited. Again God Bless all of you, I truly appreciate all of the input I get from you beautiful people. I am so lucky to have all of you in my life as I don’t know what I would do without you all

Truly & Sincerely,

Laurie Lee

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  • Hi Laurie,

    When you lack floor space it helps to utilize wall space. Shelving that can be mounted to the wall, TV on the wall, nightstands and entertainment center mounted to the wall, hooks to hang things. You can even mount a kitchen table to the wall like a bar/shelf. Hope that helps.

    • Ohiorn Ohiorn on Dec 29, 2018

      Tiffany has great ideas. You could consider using the louvered doors on the walls with s hooks or Command strips to hold items. If you use Command strips be mindful of the weight limits. Check our yard/garage/estate sales for budget items. There are tables/chairs that folks up until you need them, even tables that fold up against the wall. You might be able to barter services for installing/building something by cleaning/cooking/childcare, etc. Ruthlessly edit what you need. You can get magnetic tape cheaply and put lightweight metal things on your fridge.

  • I have a few ideas for you, Laurie. First is a flip down wall table:

    What about some floating shelves?

    And here are some ideas for those louvered doors:

    Try to find some repurposed or pallet wood (you can usually find them for free) to complete your projects and save some money!

    Best of luck to you!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 28, 2018

    Laurie,Thank you so much for the kindness you showed all of us in the Hometalk community. The kind words you and others make are what make us want to help everyone!The louvered doors would make great wall storage in the kitchen. Cut them down, or if you have a large enough wall, you could put up a whole door. You could use it to put up utensils, pots and pans, anything you can hang on hooks! You could do this in the bedroom, also, to hang anything you want to that will hang on hooks. I would suggest, instead of hiring out or buying things already made, start collecting a few tools of your own that you can use for repairs and starting with some small projects like perhaps cutting down the doors to put up. Get an under the bed box to store the tools in, you can keep them under the bed or on the floor of the closet (you can always put things on top of the container). Get a set of screwdrivers, a drill (you can also get the bits to put in it to put in screws, nuts and bolts, etc.). Go to a big box home improvement store and speak to an associate in the tool department and they can help you get what you will need for your first project. If taken care of, tools can last for many years. My father passed 18 years ago and he would have been 102 next year, I have tools of his that he had since I was a kid that are still going strong. Some basic tools will allow you to do your own DIY instead of hiring out or buying already made. If your closets have the room, add shelves above the shelves you have in them now. There is lots of room under beds to store many things, I have underbed boxes stacked two high and also the space bags you vacuum down under the bed. The space bags are really good for putting away all the seasonal clothes and linens that are only used for special things. I put the tall bed risers under the legs of my bed (purchased them at Bed, Bath and Beyond) so that I could have the double stack of boxes. I hope this can help you start your DIY's truly come to fruition! We are here to help you with any questions on how to do what you want to do, Laurie!

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    • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on May 10, 2019

      Laurie, we are truly blessed with a lot of wonderful people in the Hometalk community! Do things as you can, as the budget allows, it may end up taking more time, but you will still be able to get them done. Hubby and I are on only SSI, we live with our middle child who did not want me to be alone in the big house we were renting when he bought his house Hubby was still driving long haul trucks and seldom home so he could provide for us. We split things with him, providing food for all of us (he pays for his own work lunches and munchies), repairs, and improvements, cell phone bills, insurance for cars and more including landscaping. We are hard presses sometimes to make the money last until the third of each month. We help by doing most everything by ourselves, but I am lucky to have a hubby that knows how to do almost everything. Go to your church, there are sometimes groups that try to help people with repairs, etc. that need help. It is the same with community organizations that help people with repairs, etc. that don't know how to do it, or can't physically do it. A lot of times you can get help just by volunteering some of your own time to help others with transportation to the grocery store, cooking, helping clean, doing the things you can do to help others. You may meet some good friends in the process, too. There are good people around you, you just need to meet them somehow. If you have other questions, just ask, we would love to help you, Laurie!

  • Sal3170064 Sal3170064 on Dec 28, 2018

    Could you use the Louvre doors for radiator covers.

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