How do I store a decorated 9’ Christmas tree?

q storing a decorated christmas tree
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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Dec 28, 2018

    Hi Carolyn, if you don't want to take the decorations off of it etc and have a place to store the whole tree you could wrap it up in saran wrap.

  • Bbunny42 Bbunny42 on Dec 28, 2018

    I wrap mine in a sheet using clothes pins and large safety pins to secure. Gather it in to the trunk at the bottom and tie it tightly with an old stocking, etc. to prevent ornaments from falling to the floor if they should fall off their branch. If your sheet does not quite cover the tree, use an additional sheet or piece of material to fill the gap. I do remove the topper and store it in a tin of some sort. Pull a plastic bag over the very top of the tree if necessary to cover. I have used this method for years and it certainly makes it easy to "get ready for Christmas". Just bring in the house, unwrap, plug in the lights, add the topper, and, voila, a Christmas Tree! I use a dolly to transport between house and storage building. If you have a large tree, it might be helpful to store in a large box (washing machine box is good), which makes it easier to move on the dolly. The box does not need to cover the entire tree. I suggest a base in the bottom of the box that can be slid in and out if you're a single person doing this by yourself and cannot lift the tree.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Dec 28, 2018

    Use two big black trash bags since this tree seems to be about 8-10 ft. Tall. Remove any glass or easily breakable ornaments and wrap them separately. But leave plastic ornaments, artificial garlands, lights, other decorations on the tree. Place a piece of strong cardboard under the tree, large enough to cover all the legs of the tree stand. Slide one trash bag under the cardboard. Go to the top and take off the tree topper. Place it in the original box or wrap it in newspapers. Remove only the top section of the trees, leaving the wiring in place, but folding the branches close to the center. Then fold in the bottom layer branches and the largest of the center section branches. Place the tree topper bundle safely in the branches. Slide another big trash bag over the top, and bring the two bags together. If the bags meet, then tie them together, and seal the edges with wide duct tape. If there is a gap between the bags, either use newspapers or a split trash bag to fill the gap, with the top and bottom bags being duct taped to each other and the gap material so that the tree will be fully enclosed.

    Slide (or use a dolly) the tree to the garage, or get help to get to some other space to store the tree with the topper and all the ornaments you wish until next year! 😊

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