Asked on Dec 29, 2018

How can I use a file cabinet?

LindaAbigail EllisBetsy


4 answers
  • Janice
    on Dec 29, 2018

    Hi Kandi, what is it you want to do with a file cabinet? Let us know and we can provide good info. Thanks!

  • Betsy
    on Dec 29, 2018

    Hi Kandi: Must be file cabinet questions day:) I just answered this same question for 4 others. Here's what I said I did: Well, I've done a couple of things with my file cabinets. I had 2 that were 2 drawers high. I painted them a nice colour, spread them apart about 3 feet and put a board on top that was as deep as the cabinet and fit to the far edges of the cabinets. Then, I got a chair, painted that to contrast, put it between the cabinets, under the wood and used it as a work station for my kids to do their homework. The drawers were used to keep their materials, toys, etc. With the taller ones, I did the same thing and use them to hold my crafting items and have a nice top to work on:) Good luck.

  • Linda
    on Jan 3, 2019

    They make cute night stands. Give it some spray paint and add some wood to the top and you have a nice nightstand or end table.

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