Painting front door

what do I need to do to paint this front door another color. I would like for it to be red.
Does it have to be stripped , sanded, etc thanks
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  • The door appears to be wood, that is good. If you can remove the door to paint it this would be ideal. As any paint around the edges where the door strikes the weather stripping would be difficult to paint. Remove the hardware where you can. Using a 220 grit sand paper on a block or using a small palm sander sand all surfaces to remove any sheen or gloss that may be present on the surface. Where there is cracking, using a auto body filler mix and apply in all the cracks. Wood putty will also work but tends not to hold up as well with the heat that the door may see with sun. Once the putty dries, about 10 min, sand to smooth out. Prime with a good quality primer. Do not use that paint and primer stuff many stores are selling. Once primed, then paint the door any color you choose. Remember darker colors absorb heat causing them to expand and swell the door if the sun hits them. Red is a great color if you want the door to become the focal point on the house. But also remember red fades quickly so it will need to be painted again in a couple of years.
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    • @Judy Kelley Yes, you still need to sand. The split most likely is higher then the surrounding wood panel so you need to level it. Fill the crack with auto body filler or wood putty (see above) then sand it lightly again to smooth it out. Good quality primer and then paint will fix it. Just be sure that both sides of the door are well painted. Moisture entering into the panel will cause the split to occur again. Also dark colors tend to crack faster.
  • Diane Sterling Diane Sterling on Jul 15, 2014
    I painted my steel door in ASCP E. Silk Red with about 3 layers of gloss poly. I sanded lightly between the layers and it came out beautiful. It is holding up perfectly.
  • Modern Masters has front door paint that is guaranteed not to fade. They have a gorgeous shade of red, actually a few. I'd use the directions given above to prep it, and use the MM paint to paint it. Would love to see photos when you are done!
  • Jennifer W Jennifer W on Jul 17, 2014
    I have to admit, I'm a lazy painter. I have a front door that looks very similar to yours. A couple of years ago I painted mine black. What I did was wipe it down to get rid of any dirt, dust, etc. Then I primed it with a good layer of Kilz. After that I painted it with latex paint. I didn't bother with sanding (remember I'm a lazy painter,lol). It has held up well.
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