Asked on Dec 30, 2018

How do I update and paint my bathroom cabinet?

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I need a great look and fresh update to my bathroom vanity. My cabinet is perfect for painting but I don’t know where to begin.

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  • William
    on Dec 30, 2018

    Lightly sand to remove any shine. Prime with Kilz primer then paint.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Dec 30, 2018

    If it’s smooth you can scuff with steel wool instead of sanding. Clean with T SP after sanding or scuffing. Prime with Kilz or Zinsser. Paint with a formula that has a mold inhibitor.

  • Ebbjdl
    on Dec 30, 2018

    Carolyn,. Start with the color of your walls,. What are your cabinets made of ?? We bought a new cabinet with an oval mirror for about $120. If your decision is to paint, use high-gloss, this is easy to clean, just a rag and some hand soap. To do the job right, take off the hardware, and the door or doors, and paint them on a flat surface. This avoids peeling and streaks, and give it two coats, let the first dry completely. You can spray the hardware, any color that will contrast with the doors, or buy new hardware, but it's pricey. Aloha!

  • Robyn Garner
    on Jan 2, 2019

    You can find all the basic instructions for painting online. Do remove everything, clean, sand, etc.

    If I were to paint cabinets now, I would use a chalk paint as reviews show it dries so nicely without showing brush strokes.

    Standard finish for a bathroom would be a satin. I wouldn't use high gloss as it's just too shiny. Make sure to allow each coat to dry thoroughly!

    If you have white bathroom fixtures and a neutral flooring, you can go in any color direction you'd like. Favorite color(s)? For me, right now, I would use a navy for cabinets. It's not too light, not too dark. With white fixtures it would POP!

    Don't forget how important hardware is. If you can, spray the existing. Otherwise, I got fabulous prices on the same hardware I chose from Home Depot by shopping it online - cost me 1/10th of HD!

  • Dixie Belle Paint Company
    on Jan 2, 2019

    Hi Carolyn! I can tell you how to paint your bathroom cabinets with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint! :)

    It is super easy to paint with Dixie Belle:

    Step one: Clean with White Lightning

    Step two: If the surface is slippery, apply two coats of Slick Stick

    Step three: Paint one to two coats of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

    Step four: Use Gator Hide for a water-repellent finish

    I am attaching some cabinets that have been painted with Dixie Belle Paint so you can see the outcome.

    Also, we did have a series of LIVE videos on a step by step tutorial of how to paint your kitchen cabinets. If you would like to watch them....

    Day one:

    Day two:

    Day three:

    Day four:

    If you ever need help or have any questions you can feel free to call us at 813-909-1962 during business hours. We have a full staff here eager to help you!

    We have an awesome group on FB that gives you all kinds of help if you are interested. click here to join:

  • I used a kit for our kitchen cabinets by Rustoleum, but they make one for bathroom cabinets as well, Cabinet Transformations. You can see how I did the kitchen ones here as it'll be exactly the same:

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