Asked on Dec 30, 2018

How can I make a small backyard sitting area?

Jeremy HoffpauirNancy TurnerNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CA


I live in an apartment, so am looking for the least expensive way to create a small backyard area to enjoy sitting out this summer.

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  • What do you have to work with Linda? How large is the area? Can you post a photo? Concrete or dirt?

    • Perfect! Add some concrete stepping stones, look for second hand table and chair(s) that you can paint or upcycle. Find some pillows for the chairs that you can upcycle with fabric paint. Add some potted plants, a shepherd's hook with some yard art. Add some solar lights and you will be all set. And if need be, find a second had umbrella stand and umbrella.

  • Nancy Turner
    on Dec 30, 2018

    It sounds like you rent, so get permission from your landlord or management company before you alter anything. All you would need is some outdoor furniture that you can afford, it doesn't need to be fancy. Perhaps a love seat and chair or two and a few end tables, even a coffee table. A few potted plants in the area and you are ready to go. If you need shading from the sun, get an offset umbrella that you can adjust and move (I got one really reasonably from Aldies about three years ago and it is going strong to this day). I hope this helps you get the seating area you want, or at least gives you some ideas to start with, Linda!

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