How do I hang sheers randomly to get a canopy effect?

How do I hang sheers randomly to get a canopy effect? BoHo decorating of bedroom?

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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Dec 30, 2018

    Just because you don’t have a window to cover doesn’t mean you can’t hang sheers! If you have a collection of sheers, try to place them in a random order on one of these ways:

    Light to dark, then pull one sheer from the lightest group, then one from the next lightest, all the way to the darkest group, and hang the sheers in that order around the room, from lightweight curtain rods, which do not have to match. Continue with the next set, until you have used all the sheers you want.

    Another way is to line up all the sheers according to the colors of the rainbow. ROY. B. GIV. : red, orange, yellow, blue,green, indigo, violet. Colors like white, beige, gray, black, aqua and pink, work in where you choose. Then either hang all the various whites together, then pinks, then Reds, etc. ending with black. Or choose a set of rainbow colors, over and over.

    Yet another way, is to toss all the sheers in a pile and close your eyes to pick half a dozen at a time, hang them, and repeat.

    All the sheers do not have to be the same style or thickness. Wayfair, JCP, and Overstock, for example, often have some sheers on sale, but only in limited numbers. I got my whites very cheaply, but from two companies. One set had six inch hems, others had two inch hems. If it matters to you, make sure the finished length of each sheer is close to the others. I’ve found a single sheer at a time at Family Dollar stores.

    Keep sheers away from heat sources and open wiring. Pets and sheers don’t go together. Enjoy your Boho bedroom! 😊

  • Bonita Wood Bonita Wood on Dec 30, 2018

    How do I Hang the sheers randomly from walls , corners, ceiling?

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