Asked on Dec 30, 2018

How do I fill the big dip in my 5 year old mattress?

BethNorma LaPraddMary Davis


Lying in the middle of new mattress at first, my imprint became a DEEP long groove. It's not level anymore. Now I roll into it while just trying to turn over!. Have used a folded quilt under mattress pad but it just becomes lumpy! Help!!! Yes, I'm a big lady.

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  • Gk
    on Dec 30, 2018

    Unfortunately your mattress may be nearing the end of it's life. But--you may want to try a thicker foam pad the same size as your mattress--on top of the mattress. It might work and make the indentation less noticeable-at least for a while. Here's a mattress life expectancy article for you:

  • CribbsStyle
    on Dec 30, 2018

    Have you tried flipping it over? If that doesn’t work you may need to get a new mattress.

    • Betty
      on Dec 31, 2018

      Mattresses today are not made to flip over. I bought new ones last year and can only use one side. Very disappointed because I am small, but the mattress has an idention where I sleep. Paid 600$ so thought I was getting a good mattress and boxsprings. I would appreciate any suggestions. I have turned it around so that' now I am sleeping on the opposite side

  • Mary Davis
    on Dec 31, 2018

    cut a piece of plywood to fit the size of the bed & you can cover it with a old sheet & put it between the mattress & box springs

    • Deb2208836
      on Dec 31, 2018

      I have found that this one works also. Made a big difference in the support of the old mattress. I then put a nice mattress pad to soften it a bit.

  • Norma LaPradd
    on Dec 31, 2018

    Quick fix. Lift mattress, place a flat pillow where hole is. Works till you can buy another mattress.

  • Beth
    on Dec 31, 2018

    Big lady or not, your mattress should have come with a wear warranty for more than 5 years! Contact the place where you bought it.

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