Asked on Dec 30, 2018

How do I clean a candelabra?

Robyn GarnerOlivaJay.skeels


I have a candalbra ( not sure of spelling) that I have. It is gold not sure what kind of metal. It has changed color overthe years, If I can't clean it up, I might try painting. Someone suggested goo gone.

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  • Ro
    on Dec 30, 2018

    I would spray paint there are all sorts of colors and finishes available

  • Deb K
    on Dec 30, 2018

    Hi Kathryn, it is likely brass, as brass tarnishes, you can try some brasso brass cleaner

  • Kc
    on Dec 31, 2018

    From your description it may be brass. But a low karat gold (10 or so) will tarnish as well. Have you looked for markings? If it's gold of any quality it should hopefully have a number followed with a "K" (like 14K).

    Look for a metal cleaner formulated for the type of metal. Some cleaners work on several different metals.

    Try it under the base of the candelabra first before applying it in a visible spot. Start polishing gently then gradually increase pressure until you see results.

  • Jay.skeels
    on Dec 31, 2018

    It's most likely brass...or copper....just use ketchup, painted on lavishly, allowed to sit15 to 25 min, then just wipe off with clean clothe...repeat, then rinse with water, then finally polish with brasso or same like

  • Oliva
    on Dec 31, 2018

    Try spraying with WD-40, then wipe with a clean, soft, light colored cloth. Use Q-Tips for narrow sections.

  • Robyn Garner
    on Jan 3, 2019

    Chaz' Crazy Creations just posted about cleaning brass. However, many "brass" items are merely a thin coat of brass over another metal. You can try mixing flour, salt and hot water to make a paste. Cover it and let sit 5 minutes to see what's happened. Paint if all else fails.

    Note: If you wish to keep a brass look, there are some fabulous new waxes, etc. that can accomplish that after painting. Google ideas. 😎

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