Asked on Dec 31, 2018

How should I set up my kitchen?

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just moved in to this kitchen. Love it but haven’t moved on 40 years and am struggling with what to put above large counter top to left of stove. Actually struggling where to put everything. Still rearranging stuff on counters. Is there any rules as to where stuff should go. Lol. Thanks any help appreciated.

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  • There are no rules, just common sense. If you live in earthquake country, don't place heavy or breakable items up high. Place things where you use them.

  • Nancy Turner
    on Dec 31, 2018

    How about a picture so that we can really help you. I put microwave containers, etc. below the microwave in the cupboard. The coffee maker is next to the sink for easy access to water. I have cupboards only to the right of my stove and I have my spice rack and knife racks on that counter along with a cutting board. My cupboards go to the ceiling, so I have no space on top to store things, but the cupboard above my stove has all baking pans that fit, metal or glass. You could put any number of things on the large counter next to your stove, things like decorative canisters for flour, sugar, things that you would use with your oven or stove top. If you have space above your top counters, you could put things like a crock pot and other small appliances. My mom always had pottery and artificial green plants on top. Make sure you put one or two on your counters, they always look nice.

  • Mogie
    on Dec 31, 2018

    I put things that I don't use often under the counter in a cabinet. Things like my air fryer, oven fryer, popcorn popper all go into hard to reach areas since they aren't used often. Keep items you use a lot (bowls, silverware, cups, etc.) close and handy. Common sense stuff like measuring spoons next to measuring cups. Spices by condiments. And so on.

    For more detailed info check out this site:

  • Shore grandmom
    on Jan 1, 2019

    There are no rules, just put things you use the most where they are easily accessed. Things you don't use much can go out of reach.

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