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Asked on Jan 1, 2019

Where do I start with renovating my mobile home kitchen?

Betty Albright-BistrowLaura CooperNan W.


I want to renovate my kitchen in my mobile home ... paint walls cupboards counter tops sink floor and remove a part .... not sure where to begin

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  • Nan W.
    on Jan 1, 2019

    Laurie: #1 --- DECLUTTER. Get rid of things you have not used in a year. (Others CAN use them.) #2. with the place clear of "stuff" -- you will be better able to have a vision --- maybe simply start by painting walls in a light, fresh (neutral) color.

  • Laura Cooper
    on Jan 1, 2019

    Laurie, start with a piece of paper. Seriously. Don't even begin without a good, well thought out plan. This doesn't mean you can't change things as you go, but having a plan means that you can avoid back yourself into a remodeling corner.

    Once you know what you want, start looking for, and collecting bargains that fit into your plan. That clearance tile you found, the new kitchen sink 75% off, etc.

    In general, structural changes must be made first, then plumbing and electrical infrastructure changes. Next is the walls and ceiling, then flooring followed by cabinetry. Countertop and sink, followed by backsplash. Appliances are usually last.

    Have fun and don't try to rush it.

  • Betty Albright-Bistrow
    on Jan 1, 2019

    I have moved probably 25 times in my life. I always begin with 3 piles: Toss, give away, keep. Once you sort out things then you can begin with your project. Determine what it is you want to achieve and how to best do that. Here are some ideas for you:

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