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Asked on Jan 1, 2019

How do you make a home smell good?

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How do you make a home smell good all of the time, without needing scented candles, baking cookies daily or whatever?

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  • I used to have a copper simmer pot that was on the stove filled with water and pot pourri Now I have a baby crock pot that does the same thing.

  • Deb K
    on Jan 1, 2019

    Hi Bren, here is a link to 4 natural fresheners to use for a fresh smelling house.

  • Johnavallance82
    on Jan 1, 2019

    Hi Bren - Maybe use Shake & Vac or Air Spray..........OR Open windows to change the air, shake the textiles in the fresh air etc......

  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Jan 1, 2019

    100 % pure essential oils/ not fragrance oils get them online

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Jan 1, 2019

    Consider the on/going source of the existing smell(s). If you don’t know what it is, then

    I use MERV 12 or 13 furnace filters, changed every 3 months.

    I get my ducts professionallly HEPA cleaned every 5 years.

    I use HEPA vacuum bags and change them before they’re full.

    Pets need to be shampoo’d at a groomers and not stink up the bathroom.

    Kitchen floors & cabinets need to be cleaned with an orange-oil cleaner. Pull the fridge & the stove out from the walls.

    I run my kitchen exhaust hood filters through my dishwasher every month.

    No smoking in the house, sorry.

    Keep up on the dirty laundry. Use scented dryer sheets.

    Get the carpets cleaned using a Chem Dry type of method, not steam cleaning.

    The schedule on these will decrease, after the first month:

    Use vinegar in in the dishwasher once every two weeks to break down biofilm. If it has a clean up mode, use it.

    Put septic tank enzymes in the kitchen sink drains once a week.

    Hand clean the inside of the oven, line bottom with aluminum foil.

    Remove everything from the fridge, a section at a time, wipe down with window cleaner. Throw out expired and unused items.

    Run the washing machine on clean up mode with fresh bleach.

    Keep the fireplace clean. Use good wood, no mossy nor rotting wood.

    Have drapes cleaned, if they can’t be washed & dried.

    Make sure there’s scented water in unused traps, like a basement floor drain.

    Stinky work boots can either be in the garage when not in use or in a sealed plastic box under a boot bench.

    If there’s rodents in the attic or basement, get an exterminator and get the feces/urine out of there, as they carry debilitating and sometimes fatal diseases.

    If there’s mold in the house, get the source of water stopped and get a Pro in there for full remediation. Mold Poisoning is debilitating and can be fatal.

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