How can I design a walkin closet using a small bedroom for the area?

We bought a 50 year old home with three bedrooms with the intention of renovating the smallest bedroom with the biggest closet into a walkin closet. Three walls are broken up by a long closet door, a window and the door to the room being squeezed into the corner. To make it more difficult to design enough hanging rods, my husband has an injury to both shoulders making it painful to reach up very high to pull down clothes. Our first idea was to use the existing closet for all our shoes, belts, hats and purses, but now I think it most efficient to put two hanging rods in the closet and a third rod in the room for coats. Has anyone designed a closet with a situation like this? We will be using only open shelves for boots, folded clothes, underwear and scarves. We also have a medium sized armoire in our master bedroom for my husband's tee shirt collection and our pajamas.

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