Asked on Jan 2, 2019

How do I paint bathroom cabinet doors?

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What is the best way to paint bathroom cabinet doors? What is the best bathroom paint?

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  • Pamela
    on Jan 2, 2019

    You definitely need paint that is washable , but stands up to water and damp conditions. I used a paint on my kitchen cabinets that was water based, for easy clean up , but dries hard like an enamel finish. I used Benjamin Moore's advance paint. Nice because no sanding or primer needed !!! Saves time and a big mess from sanding.

  • Pamela
    on Jan 2, 2019

    Sorry !!!! I forgot to mention , you need to clean the cabinet with a de glosser , like Krud Kutter , it gets off all oils , polishes , dirt , before painting !

  • Noting Grace
    on Jan 2, 2019

    if Your cabinets are painted, test to see if it’s oil based paint. If not, first clean the cabinets with a liquid degreaser/deglosser. You want to remove any residue or chemicals as well as prep the surface for paint. Lightly sanding will also work - just make sure to clean the dust really good. That’s all the prep work needed, really. You can prime with a good primer next. After 1 or 2 coats, you’re good to go!

  • Dixie Belle Paint Company
    on Jan 4, 2019

    Hi Mecca! I can tell you how to paint your bathroom cabinets with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint! :)

    It is super easy to paint with Dixie Belle:

    Step one: Clean with White Lightning

    Step two: If the surface is slippery, apply two coats of Slick Stick

    Step three: Paint one to two coats of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

    Step four: Use Gator Hide for a water-repellent finish

    I am attaching some cabinets that have been painted with Dixie Belle Paint so you can see the outcome.

    Also, we did have a series of LIVE videos on a step by step tutorial of how to paint your kitchen cabinets. If you would like to watch them....

    Day one:

    Day two:

    Day three:

    Day four:

    If you ever need help or have any questions you can feel free to call us at 813-909-1962 during business hours. We have a full staff here eager to help you!

    We have an awesome group on FB that gives you all kinds of help if you are interested. click here to join:

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