How can I build an entrance box for packages?


I am wanting to build a large wooden box to hold packages for transfer to or from others without coming in the house. It needs also temporary seating on top that can be covered to prevent it being overly cold, or wet, maybe an extra fold down cover? I also want a small shelf on each side to fold down to use for plants or drinks in warmer seasons. The box needs to be insulated for summer and winter extremes for a day or so at a time. I want it to be changeable decorative for seasons and designed to blend or contrast with the exterior of the house or the brown wooden stoop. The color of the wood on the stoop, which is like a deck only smaller, is reddish brown, the house is sided white with black shutters and accessories . I am planning to paint it in the near future as it is 20 years old or more. My name is Roger not Rogea, a typo, but keep using it as it is not an issue. Thanks.

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