Creating a Stylish, Practical University Dorm Room on a Budget!

My daughter is attending medical school in Australia! She is in her third year of her program and has one more year to go. I was able to visit her for a month during her first year and helped her furnish and decorate her bedroom. Even though it was Mom’s budget we were spending, we were able to design a very nice room with all new items, and still be frugal with most of the purchases.
Before going shopping my daughter and I had a conversation about what were the priorities for furnishing and decorating her room. We used these as the guidelines for deciding what to buy. The priorities were being organized, comfort and still be stylish. The goal was to design a room for a university student with a limited budget and still get the look for less!
What did she get for being organized?
Her corner desk was the perfect fit for a corner in her room. My daughter loves to be organized so all of its shelves were filled with inexpensive baskets and containers to store all of her study items. Her fabulous white desk was about $150.00.
This cube shelving unit is also perfect for storage and fit perfectly under the window. It too was around $150.00.
This fabric bulletin board was only $10.00! It's perfect for keeping her reminders and pictures from home.
What did she get for comfort?
Most of the budget was spent on a good quality mattress. When you work hard all day you need to be able to have a good night’s sleep. The mattress cost around $1,000.00 and that was one of my priorities.
Another comfort item was the desk chair because when you’re going to sit and study for hours everyday you need a comfortable place to sit. That was around $100.00 and that was one of my daughter's priorities.
Good lighting is really important too. This bedside lamp was under $10.00 and a lamp behind the desk with two light fixtures was around $20.00.
What decorative items did she get?
She decided to go with a purple, white and mauve bedscaping. I thought her choice for a duvet cover was perfect because it was made from a textured white fabric. All of the bedding cost about $150.00. Those really pretty purple accent pillows with the pearls were only $5.00 each. They were a little splurge to finish off the bedscaping look!
My favourite decorative detail was this three panel framed floral print we found for just $12.00! It finished off the look perfectly in her bedroom creating a really nice space to call her own. Pretty art work doesn’t have to be expensive.
How much did I end up spending in total? Including items not pictured here the total cost was about $2,000.00. If you break that down into four years of study it ends up being about $500.00 for each year and about $1.36 a day. We had to use public transportation (trains and buses) to do the shopping and were limited on time. All of the bigger ticket items were bought at the same store that provided free delivery saving on the cost of us having to rent a truck. What impressed me is that we did most of our shopping in four different stores and that we were able to do it all on budget.
I share more details on my blog about the fun I had helping my daughter decorate her university room for medical school. I invite you to stop by and read the entire story!
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