How do I get a table for dining at in this kitchen area?


Hi, I kinda have a galley kitchen type, my cabinets are along one side of the kitchen wall, then at the end, then 2 cabinets on the other side then the refrigerator beside that. Not quite galley not quite a U shape, then there’s and empty space about 3 by 4 and half, I mounted a counter there with 2 bar stools. This is what I want, space for a table in there. Not sure how to do this. I don’t have a dinning area in my house it’s an old 1946 , only 864 square foot house. The living room is small but adequate, so no space that can taken from there. I can send a picture. Thank you, Corinne

q how do i get a table for dinning at in this kitchen area

To the right of the picture, you can kinda see an opening, that’s where the front door is, there’s a small entry area about 3 by 4 1/2, then it’s the living room.

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