Asked on Jan 2, 2019

How can I paint my brick porch to add curb appeal to my home?

Becky at Flipping the FlipZac Builds


How can I paint the vrick on my front porch and the pirch floor to add curb appeal? The brick is red and I want either white or gray.

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  • Zac Builds
    on Jan 2, 2019

    A good power wash is always recommended as prep. Clean off any dirt and cob webs. Many paint companies make brick paints, but the process is fairly simple. Cut around all the edges with a brush and then roll the rest with a very tall pile (ask at the paint store and tell them what you are doing) roller. You'll probably have to do multiple coats.

  • Check with the folks at the paint counter at your local home improvement store as they can point you to the best options for painting brick. There are various products out there and it may depend on how exposed your porch is to weather.

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