Asked on Jan 2, 2019

Is there a carpet tape made for laminate flooring?

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Sorry, problems with my there a carpet tape made for laminate flooring? I just laid down a 5x8 area rug but I’m afraid someone might trip on it. The edges are curled and I can’t get it to lay flat and the tapes I’ve seen so far said they might damage a laminate floor. Thank you.

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  • Shore grandmom
    Shore grandmom
    on Jan 2, 2019

    Put something heavy like a stack of books on the corners and then put a chair over it so people don't trip over them. Leave the books there about a week. That should help flatten the corners out.

  • Gk
    on Jan 2, 2019

    Hi Chriss! Here are some interesting ideas to get your rug to lay flat!

  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut
    on Jan 2, 2019

    Hi Chriss,

    I use double sided carpet tape all the time in our home. Just look at a hardware or home goods store to make sure that it's made to use on laminate. From what I've seen, most of them work well. Wishing you the best.

  • William
    on Jan 2, 2019

    No. Carpet tape can damage laminate. Try to uncurl the edges or eventually they flatten out themselves. You can use an iron with steam to iron the edges from the underside. Or lay a damp cloth on the edges and iron. To prevent it for moving or shifting try the rubber rug pads made for it. You can also hot glue the pads to the underside so it won't shift.

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