Asked on Jan 3, 2019

How do I choose the right paint?

LandsharkinncNicki Petruzzella KernsBetty Albright-Bistrow


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  • William
    on Jan 3, 2019

    For what? Your question was cut off.

  • Mogie
    on Jan 3, 2019

    Use for what?

  • Betty Albright-Bistrow
    on Jan 3, 2019

    Please, would you repost your question. I do believe it was cut off. We can help you so much better if we know all that you need. Thank you!

  • Nicki Petruzzella Kerns
    on Jan 3, 2019

    The right paint depends on what you're painting, where it is and how much surface prep is needed. Interior or exterior? Is the item in question heavily used or not? In the kitchen/bathroom or elsewhere? The answers to those questions will help you figure out what you need.

  • Landsharkinnc
    on Jan 3, 2019

    areas that get a lot of wear/tear ( bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, etc ) I prefer a gloss or at least a semi-gloss latex for indoor use; outdoors, an oil base paint; for furniture, any of the 'trendy' paints ( chalk, milk, etc.) or a water base latex/acrylic with a satin poly sealer. COLOR is your choice, but the chemical composition of the paint and the correct preparation of the surface to be painted will assure you a good end result.

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