Asked on Jan 3, 2019

How can I fix door dents?

AWagnerV SmithCynthia H


I have 2 interior doors that have dents in them . Is there a dyi to fix or something so can’t see dents? I don’t want to buy new doors unless have to. The dents are little more than halfway up door, Thanks Kathy

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  • Gk
    on Jan 3, 2019

    Hello Kathy! What are your interior doors made from and what kind of finish do they have on them?

  • Steph
    on Jan 3, 2019

    You can buy stainable/paintable wood patch and fill it in then sand it down... you'll have to either paint or stain it after that though...

  • Cynthia H
    on Jan 3, 2019

    I would also determine what is causing the dents. A simple doorstop might help prevent future ones.

  • V Smith
    on Jan 3, 2019

    If your doors are made of wood you may be able to puff up the wood with steam. Put a wet washcloth over the dent and press a hot iron against it. Use care not to burn your paint.

  • AWagner
    on Jan 5, 2019

    cover dents with full length mirror . from wallmart

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