Asked on Jan 3, 2019

How do I keep my old copper pipes and bath drains from clogging?

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I have old copper pipes and bath drains get clogged often, any ideas?

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  • Nancy Turner
    on Jan 3, 2019

    the baking soda/vinegar/boiling water hack should be safe for all pipes. If it is in the bathroom, get the zipit tool, it is a narrow plastic strip with barbs that will take the hair out of the drains, get as much out as possible. Put down at least a quarter to half cup of baking soda down the drains, follow with about a cup of white vinegar. Let that fizz for about fifteen minutes, or until it stops fizzing and follow with about a gallon of boiling water. If it helps, but is still a little slow, repeat it again, there may be a lot of gunk in the pipe. Do this for any other drains, but you can leave out the tool to take out the hair. You may also have a clog that is too far down for this hack to totally eliminate if it comes back clogged real quick. I leave that to a pro to totorooter it out further down, I had one once that was way down the pipes in the basement, almost out of the house. The plumber friend of ours was really impressed with how clean the pipes were from the hack and was going to start doing it to keep his pipes clean.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Jan 3, 2019

    Septic tank Enzymes work well for organic matter build up.

    You can buy a “snake” that chucks into a drill that’s great for the clogs down-stream as described by Nancy.

  • Debbs
    on Jan 4, 2019

    I have always had long hair, basically waist length. I cause so many drain clogs so quickly. Each drain is different in its configuration and access try for your drain: 1# wire hanger...straighten it out...bend the tip to a "J" hook shape...stick it down and pull up removing the hair each time. 2# long tip needle nose pliers.

    I brush my hair well before shampooing, when I condition my hair, I use a shower comb to remove as much loose hair as I can before rinsing so it never makes it down the drain. I keep up on the hair removal and I also use the baking soda and vinegar for slimy gunk followed by plenty of hot water, and a bucket of bleach water every so often.

    I never have seen the zipit tool listed above, but I might need to seek it out. Sounds worth trying.

  • Lisa Sinclair
    on Jan 4, 2019

    All if these are great ! I would also suggest pouring boiling water down the drains, as periodic maintenance. Depending on the need of your household.

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