Asked on Jan 4, 2019

How do I remove all wall paper and prepare the wall for paint?

Sharon TamburelloKmdreamerMaura White


I want to remove the wall paper in my bed room, and paint the walls, but I want to compliment a wool rug, that has a lot of red in it

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  • Maura White
    on Jan 4, 2019

    I used downy fabric softener and sprayed that on the wall paper before I tried peeling it off. That worked really well!

  • Kmdreamer
    on Jan 5, 2019

    Hot water let it sit on walls spray bottle spray walls with hot water let it sit 1/2 hour then scrape with putty knife keep doing that when done then you could plaster wholes

  • Sharon Tamburello
    on Jan 5, 2019

    The only thing that worked for me was scoring the wallpaper with a small tool that I bought, spraying with fabric softener and warm water and then using a handheld clothes steamer and a putty knife to scrape the paper away. My paper was about

    25 yrs old and was not easily removed. I had to wipe down the walls with TSP because there was paste residue from the paper. I had to give the walls a light sanding and put a skim coat of dry wall putty on the wall because the paper pulled away small bits of the wall. I then had to lightly sand the wall again after the putty/paste/mud (whatever you want to call it) dried. I only did one wall and will not tackle this again. My paper was very difficult to remove.

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