The Great Outdoors Cat Catio

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4 Days

We wanted our cats to enjoy the birds in our rural back yard without worrying that they might wander away or be endangered by our local wildlife so we built a catio.

the great outdoors cat catio

The finished project is 4 feet deep, 10 feet wide and about 7 feet high at the back wall.

Levels for perching on
Levels for perching on

We built 2 cat trees for them to climb and play on then mounted a cat walk on the back wall that leads to a wooden box that they spend hours in watching the birds.

the great outdoors cat catio

We started with a couple of free pallets which we framed out to create a floor, placed on a gravel base leveled and secured to the house. We painted with an outdoor deck paint.

Adding wire mesh
Adding wire mesh

Wire mesh being stapled in place with an air stapler. A wood framed door (on the table) was also made to fit the opening. We used Tremclad red paint and a quality grey paint for durability.

Catio floor partially painted with deck paint
Catio floor partially painted with deck paint

We ripped 2x4's as needed and measured everything carefully to not waste materials. We are not carpentry pro's by any means but pretty happy with our framing efforts.

Happy cats
Happy cats

With a variety of levels to choose from, our cats get lots of exercise and fresh air.

Suggested materials:

  • 2x4's  (local lumber store)
  • Metal roof panels  (lumber store)
  • Cage wire  (lumber store)
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3 of 11 comments
  • Kelly
    on Jan 7, 2019

    love the catio you guys did a terrific job lucky kitty cats

  • MsPat
    2 days ago

    A really awesome job!

    Look into Diatomaceous Earth dot com.

    I sprinkle it around, inside & out for bug, flea & tick control (among many other natural uses)

    • Kay M Johnson
      30 minutes ago

      I love this idea. I have feral cats outside, I feed and they stay right here, but I still think this would be great for them as well as my inside cats. I will definitely have to try this.

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