Asked on Jan 5, 2019

How do you train a climbing rose?

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What is the best trellis for a climbing rose and what is the best way to train your rose bush to climb on it?

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  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Jan 5, 2019

    Anything will work as trellis bunch more REpurposed ideas MORE Whenever a new branch/stem begins to emerge,grows out away rom trellis, when it gets long enuf to wrap gently between around a part of trellis do so,or even just wrap/weave around other stems. Just don't break it, it will grab onto trellis and continue to grow. Take some string and tie onto bottom of rose then run string up onto trellis vines will find there way along strings and go up trellis or you can gently wrap vine around the string to encourage it which way you want it to go. I usually tie them in fan shape starting at bottom of plant spreading outward & upward. Use string that falls apart easily or you can just cut it off later. Rough string is best so vine tendrils can grab it easier.Don't use anything sharp wire,zip ties,fishing line on new softer vines if the wind blows it will/may cut,damage or snap them off. For pest control on Roses buy live Lady bugs or Praying Mantis egg cases. Plant them in full sun & don't over water(causes rust,fungus)

  • Rebecca Taylor
    on Jan 6, 2019

    Hi there, I think it is more about taking the time to check it and see if there are any vines that need to be wrapped around the trellis than what trellis. Any trellis will work but you really have to take the time to wrap the vines so that it will grow around the trellis. Just be gentle because you do not want to break any.

  • Lou
    on Jan 6, 2019

    Remember that the climbing rose is not a vine. It will not have any tendrils to twine around the structure. Use twine or narrow strips of cloth to tie the rose canes loosely to the structure as they grow, gently bending them to the direction you want them to grow.

    Also, know the nature of the rose you want to grow on the trellis. Some climbing roses can easily grow 10'-20' (or more) canes! These roses will never be happy restricted to a 6' fan trellis, but you might be able to train them to grow along a fence. Others have much shorter canes and will be quite content with a 6' fan trellis.

    Remember also that climbing roses have most of their blooms on last year's growth, and they bloom better if those canes have been trained laterally rather than vertically. So, when you prune your roses during the year or in the fall, trim as few of this year's canes as possible so that you will have canes for next year's bloom.

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