How do I stop beetles from eating my Lillies?


In a new garden area I planted many oriental lillys and people would stop to say how beautiful they were. Also planted day lillys. In two years I had these orange beetles eating my orientals with no spray killing them. If you flick them off the plant they fall upside down and are a perfect color to blend in with the earth. Also they winter over and there in the spring here come my beautiful flowers and these beetles too. I have found the most effective way is to put them onto a rock and hit them with a hammer-very time consuming. They leave huge dark piles (poop) on the plants. I see now they are moving to my roses. I can't have these destructive critters killing all my hard work and beauties I have lovingly tended. Help! It still is winter here in New York State. Does anyone have these beetles? What will get rid of them? Thanks for any help! Barb

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