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Asked on Jan 7, 2019

How do I clean the front of my stainless steal refrigerator?

VimarhonorShore grandmomSimple Decorating Tips


I'm looking for some DIYs to clean my front of my stainless steel refrigerator it's covered and I've tried everything but my remedies aren't working thank you for all the ideas that you sent to me I totally appreciate it

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  • Simple Decorating Tips
    on Jan 7, 2019

    It is hard to keep stainless steel clean looking. THIS CLEANER is the best one I've found. It's available in wipes too. In our latest house renovation, I switched to black stainless steel.... sooooo much better for looking clean! You can keep up on the progress of our whole house renovation at my blog Simple Decorating Tips

  • Shore grandmom
    on Jan 7, 2019

    I don't use a DIY for cleaning my stainless steel. I use Endust green apple all purpose cleaner.

  • Vimarhonor
    on Jan 7, 2019

    Hello Linda,

    I have been using the Weiman products on all my newer 2015 stainless steel kitchen appliances. Its in aerosol form and found at Walmart and other retailers. Its been working great.

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