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Strainer Planter Wind Chimes

I have always had a thing for wind chimes, and I also love hanging planters. So I thought why not combine the two?
I repurposed a plain metal strainer and measuring spoons that I found at the thrift store to make a planter that also plays beautiful music in the sweet summer breezes.
Here are my supplies: A large metal strainer, metal measuring spoons, key rings, dog leash chain, measuring tape, sharpie, drill with a metal drill bit, and spray paint.
UPDATE: I used 1" single key rings, not double. Double key rings might not be flexible enough to get through the holes in the strainer.
I spray painted the bottom of the strainer with the Rustoleum Lagoon turquoise paint. I taped off the handles because I wanted them to stay the natural metal. The bottom and the inside were kept natural as well.
Then I drilled 3 sets of 2 holes into the rim of the strainer to feed the key rings through so I could hang the planter with the leash chain, which I took apart making 3 equal pieces for hanging. Before I drilled the holes I marked the spots with my Sharpie.
Then I made more hangers out of the leash chain, and attached the measuring spoons to the bottom of the strainer using key rings.
I put a small piece of plastic just on the bottom of the planter where my chimes are hanging. There's still plenty of drainage through the holes on the sides. Then I lined the planter with some spare cocoa fibre that I had, filled it with potting soil, and planted it with some plants that hadn't found a pot yet.
I added a sweet little stained glass angel at the top. Her dangling heart says Follow Your Dream.
Then I added a little bling in the centre of the measuring spoon chimes with a large chandelier crystal, just because I love a little bling... and it really does sparkle in the sunlight.
And here's the finished strainer planter wind chime.
Here it is in my garden. Now we're not only enjoying a hanging basket of flowers, but the lovely sound of the chimes as well.
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