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Connie Quick
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Asked 8 days ago

How do I clean glue residue from a newly installed laminate floor?

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Is there something that will remove glue residue that was tracked onto the floor from the bottom of a boot? We recently had laminate flooring put in and somehow it got on the carpenters boots and was tracked onto the floor. It’s not actual glue . It looks like the floor is dusty and it would be easily wiped up with a mop . But we’ve tried several times and it doesn’t look any better.

3 answers
  • William
    8 days ago

    Thye carpenter should have taken care of it. Try using Goo Gone, WD40, or Bona for laminate floors.

  • Jeff
    8 days ago

    I would call the person or company that installed it. It sounds like it might be a defective batch or a bad install.

    rather than a contractor mishap. Besides that, laminate is generally a float floor, rather than a glue down. You put a foam pad underneath the laminate to reduce sound. The laminate boards lock into one another.

    You only glue vinyl flooring.

    If the glue is from something else, then get Bona laminate cleaner, dab it on a rag then wipe the floor.

  • Nancy Turner
    8 days ago

    I would contact the carpenter to see if he can remedy the situation, it was his boo-boo, not yours and he should warranty his work and keep you satisfied.

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