Asked on Jan 7, 2019

How can I easily cover nailed-up ceiling tiles?

CindyPastor JohnLaNell


Several years ago, a guy did a 1/2-#%@&d job of finishing the basement ceiling. Nailed acoustic tile to joists. Badly. Due to disability and lack of $, I need to try to cover the mess as easily and inexpensively as possible. I've secured them (you hear that, guy?), but would like to make it all look better. At least they are all the same color, but the visible cracks won't work when selling time arrives.

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  • LaNell
    on Jan 8, 2019

    Depending on how wide the area is at the edges of the tile you could cover the seams with a flat moulding, even screen moulding if the seams are narrow. Otherwise use a wider flat, thin piece of wood. It would give the look of board and batten. Then paint to match ceiling.

    • That was my thought (and I found several pieces of that at my Dad', free!). I was needing a 2nd opinion/reality check. What type of fastener would be best? When working with fragile wood I've pre-drilled holes, but is there a better way to prevent splitting? Thanks!

  • Pastor John
    on Jan 8, 2019

    I might consider a handy man as they usually do good work cheaply. Helps them out too! 🙏

  • Cindy
    on Jan 8, 2019

    Hi Always. I'm Cindy. Begin by laying drop cloths, old sheets, or whatever you have on hand, in the work area. Wear a dust mask and protective eye gear. Then remove the tiles with the cracks. Only work on 1 or 2 at a time and mark each one so that you will know where to return it. When you have a tile down, clean it with the brush attachment on your vacuum. Apply a small amount of latex caulk into the crack. Then wipe it smooth with a putty knife or your finger. Allow the caulk to dry overnight. Then touch it up with paint. If possible, switch out a damaged tile for one in a closet or in a corner. I'm wishing you all the best, Always. Good luck.

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