Asked on Jan 8, 2019

How can I makeover a 2-drawer metal filing cabinet?

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I have a small, 2 drawer metal file cabinet. It's in the garage and it's a mess and ugly. Want to bring inside and use it again. Any suggestions on how to cover it, paint it, help it look presentable in my pretty kitchen?

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  • Vimarhonor
    on Jan 8, 2019


    I recommend considering a spray painting rehab. Newer formulations have exciting finishes and sheens. Theres so much to chose from. Its my favorite product to refurbish thrift store and second hand items with.

    Helpful Rust-Oleum recommendations include:


    Always work in a well-ventilated area. Cover the floor and nearby items with a drop cloth. Lightly scuff any glossy surfaces and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth. Use Painter’s tape to hide any surfaces you don’t want to paint.


    Using slow, back-and-forth motions, spray paint each item with several light coats of spray paint, making sure to overlap each stroke slightly. Apply 2-3 coats of spray paint, waiting a few minutes in between each coat.


    Let spray paint dry for approximately 1 hour before handling.

  • William
    on Jan 8, 2019

    I go for the Rustoleum 2X spray paint. Lightly sand the cabinet. Several light coats of spray paint will give you a smooth finish.

  • Mona Blake
    on Jan 8, 2019

    Remove as much rust as possible by sanding. Rough up the exterior so the paint will adhere. Eipe down with a soft cloth psint whatever base color you want. Use stencils or a whatever to place a contrasting design on it. Put 3 to 4 coats of clear over it all.

    One time we used leaves and oversprayed the outline. It turned out fabulous!

  • Cindy
    on Jan 8, 2019

    Hi Carol. I'm Cindy. Begin by sanding it down. Then use a damp cloth to wipe all rust and paint off. Then paint it with a color that will go with your kitchen. If any of the handles or drawer pulls, or hinges need cleaning, put them in a crock pot set on low, and let it go overnight. Next day use an old toothbrush to clean them. They will come out like new. Good luck.

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