Asked on Jan 8, 2019

How do I reupholster a couch?

JaniceHejeRosalie Rogers


3 answers
  • Rosalie Rogers
    on Jan 8, 2019

    I have reupholstered a whole living room set and there are patterns available at craft stores and wherever patterns are sold. Good luck, it is a big undertaking!

  • Heje
    on Jan 8, 2019

    Take pictures as fabric is carefully removed and separated, number the pieces and use as patterns, use pictures to help put back together.

  • Janice
    on Jan 10, 2019

    It is quite a task but not impossible. I suggest going on line and searching for tutorials. By watching them, you'll learn if you are up for the job of reupholstering your sofa. Good luck.

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