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Asked on Jan 9, 2019

How do I remove wallpaper so I can paint my walls?

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  • Wallpaper removal is time consuming but can definitely be done. It will depend a bit on the wallpaper itself though as to how much work will be involved. Some comes off really easy, some not so much. When I did ours, I used a scoring tool, and a spray bottle of liquid fabric softener and water mixed. Use the tool on the wall, then dampen a section at a time and pull off. Good luck!

  • Skshort
    on Jan 9, 2019

    Use a scoring tool called a paper tiger, roll it over the wall to create tiny holes. Then spray with a home-made solution as Molly uses, or a pre-made solution from the store. I found that giving that solution time to soak in helped a ton. The paper should then scrape right off using a flat blade or multi-tool. Be patient, some areas will need a second treatment.

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