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Asked on Jan 9, 2019

How do I use a mattress topper?

SuzanneMaura WhiteOliva


Does it need a mattress pad over it or do you leave it alone and put regular sheets on it?

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  • Sidney Rippy McLaughlin
    on Jan 9, 2019

    I always use a good quality mattress pad. I figure the better the mattress pad, the longer what's under it will last.

  • Oliva
    on Jan 9, 2019

    Better mattress toppers come with their own cover. If none came with yours, I'd look for a zippered or elastic cover to keep it clean, then place sheets over it.

  • Maura White
    on Jan 10, 2019

    I'm a fan of putting a waterproof mattress pad over the topper - I have little kids that aren't potty trained that sometimes sleep with me. ;)

  • Suzanne
    on Jan 10, 2019

    Most Toppers come with a pad that holds it onto the mattress a waterproof mattress cover over a memory foam will not work and yes you can watch the pad that comes with a Price topper

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