Asked on Jan 10, 2019

How do I remove the end of my Clorox toilet wand from my toilet?



The end of my Cholorox toilet wand fell off while cleaning the bowl. It came loose and slipped right down where I could not reach it. I flushed the toilet and can tell it is stuck somewhere as the toilet will not fill after flushing. What can I do besides call an expensive Plummer?

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  • HC
    on Jan 11, 2019

    Dawn, you could take off the tank and then remove the toilet bowl. It very well could be stuck in the bowl and need to be removed or pushed out of the narrow canal within the porcelain. There are so many videos online showing how to properly remove the tank and the bowl. And, the reason I recommend removing the tank and bowl separately is because it will be much easier to manage by yourself. And, it will be easier to reinstall the pieces separately as well. Plus, there are many videos on how to reinstall everything. This process could save you money by not calling a plumber.

    I have removed and replaced mine by myself, and it's not difficult.

    • Dawn
      on Jan 11, 2019


      I appreciate your help with my problem. Thank you for the detailed message.


  • Judy
    on Jan 11, 2019

    Dawn try a snake or grabber to pull it out. Or your hand if you can see it.

    Filling comes from the tank so that’s a red flag.

  • William
    on Jan 11, 2019

    Toilet auger may either push it through or grab it and pull it out.

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