Asked on Jan 11, 2019

How to get ink off my iPad screen?

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3 answers
  • Nancy Turner
    on Jan 11, 2019

    First try the cleaners made for computer screens and flat screen TV's, that may do the trick. Use the microfiber cloth that you can get with them. If that doesn't work, try a little dab of rubbing alcohol in a corner and see if it is ok to use on the screen, if it is, alcohol does real well with ink on glass, plastic, clothes, etc. I hope this helps you get the ink off your iPad screen, Donna!

  • Turn it off. Take a cotton ball, apply a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol, wipe gently on the screen.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jan 11, 2019

    Alcohol usually removes ink. First, I would start with a screen or eyeglass cleaner since they are both alcohol based. You may have let it sit for a while in order to dissolve the ink.

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