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How do I care for a Christmas cactus?

Priscilla Margaret LayboltKaren | Decor Hint


How often should you water a Christmas cactus? Mine has only had three blooms this winter. It looks very healthy. I've been letting it dry out between waterings. Any insight someone can share will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi there - my mom had one that bloomed a lot and she didn’t water it that frequently, but she would occasionally mist it. This article has some good insight too :

    • Kat

      Thank you for the information and the link to cacti care. It is a big help.

  • I have one and had it for years. Find that putting it outdoors late in summer and leaving it until you think you may have frost, then bringing it in to the warmth of your home, this seats the buds and helps it to bloom greatly with an abundance of blooms. Water it when it feels a little dry. I have had much success using this method. Hope this helps and enjoy !

    • Kat
      30 minutes ago

      Thank you very much for the information. I will definitely try it. It bloomed for 3-4 years and the last two not so much. So this I will try. Thank you again.

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