How much does it cost to do a full-kitchen renovation?


Good morning;For contractors....I have a (3-part question) please....#1- With the average-home renovation of Your-kitchen; (when contractor gives you their cost; ) should this price include all lighting-fixtures & cabinet handles??#2-If the total cost ( does-include)the light-fixtures & cabinet handles ( BUT you want “upgraded” handles or lighting; then, should your contractor give you a-credit ( only) towards these fixtures ( so we may choose our own) fixtures??#3- And lastly; would the kitchen renovation, also include, the cost $$ of the appliances ( refrig, stove, & dishwasher)??Have a great day😊

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  • Gk Gk on Jan 12, 2019

    If you are renovating your kitchen each item you mention comes from a different source. Your cabinets and hardware come from a big box store or cabinet store--and you can get estimates yourself based on what you want, and you can order what you want yourself. You can pay a contractor to install the cabinets but you would only be paying them for installation. Your lighting is also separate and you can pick what you want, and order what you want. You pay an electrical contractor to install the lighting, and any other electrical. You can also purchase your own appliances and have them delivered. I have had appliances delivered and the cost of the appliances included free delivery and basic installation. Plumbing for water lines for a dishwasher and icemaker was a separate issue so you would need a plumber for that and you would have to have things ready for your appliance delivery and installation. You would also need a plumber for your sink and faucets and an electrician to install the wiring for an above the stove microwave. So what I am trying to say is that you can be in control of choosing and ordering all the components in your kitchen remodel. You would hire separate contractors for plumbing, electrical, and cabinet installation. Your cost for all the components would be separate from the contractors cost. I am sure you can hire a general contractor to take care of all the details for you but sometimes I think it can get complicated doing it that way and you have less control picking out what you want at a price you want to pay--many contractors only use a few sources but you could have the freedom to pick and choose from more.

  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Jan 12, 2019

    All contractors estimate differently so you must communicate what you want. Usually cabinets come with builder grade handles. If you wish to choose and purchase your own they usually will install them instead of the basic ones as long as they are on hand when they are ready to do that. Pick your own light fixtures, purchase them, and have installation included in the quote. Specify the type of counter tops and backsplash. Also, if you need additional electrical outlets, under counter lights or are adding a dishwasher, specify that, and make sure it is in the quote. Applicances are not usually included in remodel quotes. Purchase the appliances you want and have them on hand for the contractor to install. They need to know the exact size of each so you don't end up with gaps or something that won't fit. If you are changing from electric to a gas range, they need to know that. Usually you will have to contact the gas company to install the gas line and connector behind the stove. Make sure the quote includes the type of flooring and cost to install that. There should be a section with exactly what plumbing is required and which sink and faucets you desire. Make sure there are no vague areas because you get only what is written in the quote. Also - include a stipulation that specifies how long the project will take and exactly what will happen if they do not perform within the specified time. (I had them tell me my kitchen would take 6 weeks. It took 7 months because they never showed up and claimed they had "emergencies"!) That is a long time to cook for a family on a gas grill and do dishes in the bathtub. Also, make sure anything you purchase is on hand when the contractor starts. It make take up space in your garage for a while, but work will not stop waiting for something. Another thing you need to know is if a permit is required (call your municipality and ask) and who will obtain the permit. Also make sure your work is being done by licensed electricians and plumbers, it could affect the resale of your home. Also be sure the contractor hauls and disposes of all the waste, or you'll end up with a pile in your yard.

  • William William on Jan 12, 2019

    The contract the contractor provides should have everything listed that you want based on your discussion with him/her. He should provide you with different choices of cabinet styles and colors to choose from. Hardware for the cabinetry. Different lighting fixtures to choose from. Countertop, flooring, backsplash options, wall and ceiling options, etc. Appliances are usually not provided but the contractor should know what appliances you will be purchasing so he can accomodate them into the renovation. Everything should be in writing and listed, sometimes with photos. so there are no errors. Also when the renovation is completed you need to inspect everything and write down a "punch list". This to cover any minor work or discrepancies that need to be done or corrected. Also do not pay in full. A small deposit is required to start the work and pay as you go. Payments are made as work progresses, passes inspections by the building inspector and you. Final payment is made aftre the punch list is corrected and done. This guarantees the contractors will complete the job and not run with your money.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Jan 12, 2019

    We're not contractors but have gced many projects. We've found that there is no general average. If you want to supply your own lighting and handles, then tell them not to include them. If they have, tell them that you want to get them yourself and to take that off of the estimate. For appliances, check your contract. When we do a project, we get everything ourselves except lumber (nails and glue, sheetrock (screws, glue and mud), plumbing fittings and pipes, electric wire, switches, outlets and plates (we do specify what ones we want), everything hvac, underlayment, thinset and grout for floor, etc. We buy everything else so that we make sure that we get the quality that we want. No contractor grade products get into our home. These are two of the kitchens we've done. One was small with no place to expand, the other was a nice size.

  • Renovating a kitchen is a big deal and can cost a significant amount of money. Will attempt to answer in order.

    #1. Both yes and no. If you want the contractor to source for you or if you are hiring a designer to assist in the design process, then yes it can be included in the bid price. If you want to buy these on your own and have the contractor install for you, then that should be noted in the written contract. Designers and contractors get better pricing on these items directly from manufacturers and suppliers, so look at what they have to offer before jumping the gun. Many times they will send you to showrooms (some of which are not open to the public to choose.)

    #2. Yes. See explanation above, covered in #1. Please note that if you are doing the choosing, you must make yourself available to visit the stores or showrooms. If you lallygag, it holds up the construction process and costs you money. Some items may need to be ordered and shipped and need lead time to get to you. If you choose to visit these places, visit immediately, and make your decision quickly so if things do need to be shipped, they will arrive in time.

    #3. Again, yes and no. If you want the contractor to pick the items out, it will be included in the written contract. I have never met anyone that didn't want to choose their own appliances. I would never let anyone choose for me - too personal and I am picky. Here is the caveat. You must choose and get the specs to the contractor immediately before construction begins. They need to know the width, height and depth of each item so they can fit them into the design. Unfortunately measurements can be off and it can throw the design off the rails quickly. Best to have new appliances on site as soon as possible.

    I would never let my contractor choose lighting, hardware, appliances, flooring, but will take suggestions and recommendations. Remember, they do this for a living and have a lot to offer, so listen closely.

    Here is how to hire a contractor.

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