Asked on Jan 14, 2019

How do I attach beadboard to my wall?

NonniKathy Gunter LawJohnavallance82


I have painted a headboard with chalk paint. I'm making a chalkboard wall. How do I attach it to the wall. I have tried liquid nails but it's not sticking. What can I use? Thanks

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  • Simple Decorating Tips
    on Jan 14, 2019

    I'm a little confused by your question, so if this isn't the answer you're looking for, I'll apologize in advance. I think you're asking how to attach beadboard to the wall? You are half right with liquid nails, the other half you're missing is nails. Ideally brads from a brad nailer would be best... if you have that tool. If not, then just good ole hammer and small brads or small finish nails. After you apply the glue either to the back of the beadboard or to the wall, you need to hold it in place with nails. HERE is a post I wrote when I installed cedar wood in my closet.

  • Cristi Roe
    on Jan 14, 2019

    Ask ar Home Depot or Lowes for a thing called a CLEAT SET. Its a triagular part on the wall and similar part for the headboard. Anchor screws into wall studs, Borrow a decent studfinder to find the studs. Thats how the pros do it. The cleat is fairly easy to hang "blind" and your headboard will hang straight down, not at an angle.

  • Johnavallance82
    on Jan 14, 2019

    Hello Holly, Use a Grab adhesive! Or batten out the piece of wall first.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jan 14, 2019

    PowerGrab by Loctite might be a better adhesive. Are you adding trim? If so, you can also use small paneling nails along the edges and hide it with trim.

  • Nonni
    on Jan 14, 2019

    You will need to nail or screw it to the studs in a few places along the top after putting liquid nails on. Beware, removing something that has been glued will cause lots of damage to the wall. A french cleat may be the way to go. You can buy them at big box stores.

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