Asked on Jan 14, 2019

How do I install new flooring, baseboard, window trim and paint?

Jan LoehrKelli L. Milligan


Which to do first? What tools and equipement do I need to DIY install new laminate flooring, install new 1"x4' baseboard and 1"4" window trim with one curved window and paint my walls. I am a total beginner and need to know what tools I need to purchase and in what order I need to do these items.

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  • Kelli L. Milligan
    on Jan 14, 2019

    First, think thru using laminate flooring. There are a lot of issues with laminate floors. They can pop when walking on them, noisy, hard to repair if scratched, they hate water. Look at wood look solid vinyl strip flooring. Looks more realistic, soft and quiet. Water resistant. Easy to install and in same price range. The arched window should come with its own trim, hard to match sometimes if replace.

    Some of the tools you'll need are , miter saw, nail gun or at least a hammer and appropriate nails for each job, caulking gun and caulk, utility knife and blades, paint brushes, roller and covers, rolling pan , paint can opener, paint and primer, oil for woodwork, latex for walls. This is a start, good luck and have fun.

  • Jan Loehr
    on Jan 14, 2019

    These are all big jobs except for the painting of walls, that is the simplest part of your need to remove all the old baseboards in the room, remove old window trim, then paint your walls....after the walls have been done, you can do the new window trim, then install your new floors, then the last thing is to install new baseboards over the new laminate floors...this is how I see this...unless you are a seasoned pro in woodworking, and window trims, and new floor installation, I would definitely get a professional to do all of those backbreaking jobs...there are also very expensive tools you will need to cut the window and baseboards to fit around corners, etc...floor installation requires special tools as well as a very strong back....consider getting some estimates as these are permanent updates to your home and need to be done right or it will affect the future resale value when you sell....all does not need to be done at once...but it is not a one person of luck!

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