Asked on Jan 15, 2019

How do we fix this ugly chimney?

WilliamNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CAShore grandmom


It’s been this way 27 years. Was added on very poorly by a man in 1992 when we added our 2nd story to house. We cannot get the mortar off on on top of the sandstone. Will not pressure wash off. Can not chip it off. Has been a ugly reminder to us, and a source of contention all these years. Makes our whole house seem ugly. :/

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  • Looks like it needs professional sand blasting to me.

    • Betsy Dorsey
      on Jan 15, 2019

      If it gets sand blasted I wonder how the sandstone will hold up. It’s a softer type brick that is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long each piece.

  • Mogie
    on Jan 15, 2019

    1. Mix one cup of bleach into a gallon of water.
    2. Apply the solution on a small sample area first, then wait a week to see if there are any unwanted color changes in the brick.
    3. If there are no unwanted color changes, thoroughly soak the bricks with water.
    4. Using a spray bottle or hose spray attachment, spray the bleach solution on the bricks while they are wet.
    5. Let it sit for a week, then thoroughly soak the bricks again with water.
    6. Remove the moss with the scrub brush.
    7. Rinse.
    8. If this does not get all the moss, use a power washer to blast the rest off.
    9. Better results are obtained when the moss is actively growing, but you should be able to remove the stuff even in cold weather. Avoid tightly focusing the spray or using so high a pressure that you damage the brick; start low and work your way up, keeping the pressure well below 3,000 psi.
    10. Always rinse thoroughly with clean water.

    Be sure to wear rubber gloves as you scrub, and don’t forget eye protection—scrubbing and spraying can splatter the bleach mixture toward your face.

    • Betsy Dorsey
      on Jan 15, 2019

      Thank you for the cleaning instructions.

      The problem is the extra mortar covering the sandstone on the top half. Zoom in on the pics and you can see it.

  • Shore grandmom
    on Jan 15, 2019

    Why not cover it with a stacked stone or something else of your choice? When done right, people will think it's been there all of the time.

    • Betsy Dorsey
      on Jan 15, 2019

      I would love to be able to do that.

      But the chimney is 6 feet wide and 26 feet tall.

      The small side side is a little over 2 feet wide x 26 feet tall.

      The money alone for the stacked stone is a lot.

      My my oldest son had a kidney transplant a year ago, and less than a year ago my younger son’s house burned. He lost everything.

      So so we are tapped out money wise.

  • William
    on Jan 15, 2019

    I agree that sandblasting is the best way to clean it up.

  • How did that even pass code? Sandblast it or even painting will make it look better.

  • William
    on Jan 15, 2019

    Sandblasting is a process. Different products are used in sandblasting based on what the item is being blasted. It's not just "sand". A lot of auto shops sandblast paint off cars using baking soda, ground up pecan shells, etc. Graffiti on brick and concrete is sandblasted off rather than painting like they did years ago.

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