Asked on Jan 16, 2019

What is the best solar power for Houghton, South Australia?



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  • Dwp7470b
    on Jan 16, 2019

    Thanks for Going Green! 🤗

    Really, in a budget, no Solar Panel provider is actually going to better another. It relies on Efficiency per watt of the Total Wattage. More efficient costs more initially but saves more long term, about $12USD a month is the difference really between Most Energy Efficient and Least Efficient.

    The only significant diffrrence is that you end up replacing the Cheap ones earlier (20 to 24 Years) rather than later (26 to 32 years).

    Best way to find one is not to look about hastily without a Plan but instead to Understand that even a 600 Watt Junk Cheap system will save you the same 1st $50 USD monthly on average, as would going full bloat on the 1st Installation.

    Being wise about: the first installations needs not be HUGE to make an impact in your energy bills, assists as a Means to Finance or upgrade later or keep an extra expense that you might have ordinarily shifted elsewhere in your budget or eliminated. For example: Buying a New Washer/Dryer Pair over a 4 years Commitment.

    Usually a 600 Watt Kit is enough to notice a Difference, as long as you abide some Better Habits as list below.

    There are some things you really should not put on solar anyway:

    1 Hot Water Heaters. These can go on a timer and you save just as much as if you put it on a Solar with AC/AC2 as a safety or Back up energy source. Cost $100 to $1000 but a savings of $13 to $20 monthly returns to the Budget any amount you spend not in excess of $1600

    2. Upright Freezers and Refrigerators. Again, any savings you have on these in contrast to a Timer or Split Receptacle (with a Switch) that turns these off for 1 hour each 8 to 10 hours. Savings relies on how New they are.

    3. Any form of CPAP machines, or Oxygen or Other Life Support such as Dehumidifiers for persons with Asthma, never can attach even a Large Scale Solar, let: to Small Scale Solar.

    4. Any Large Oven.

    Anything else can go on Solar.

  • Dfm
    on Jan 16, 2019

    are you trying to set up solar power? I have a small array of solar panels that provide power to my camper, it goes like this....the panels collect the power, batteries store the power. the solar farms in my area have devices to reposition the panels as the sun moves. most of the time, iowa is sunny and the panels produce dc or direct current. you need the device to set up ac, alternating current- the most common current for home use. as far as best goes, you need to inventory how much electrical current you need. there are devices that will tell you the electrical load of air conditioners etc.

    there is 1 caveat to solar panels, they don't produce much on cloudy days. some times you can sell electric currant to your energy provider. as far as best prices....make a few cold calls to a few different energy providers.

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