How do I begin this feature wall?


How should I go about the process of transforming my bedroom? I asked last week; with bumbled information, due to being in such a hurry. But now, here goes..... I have the materials to transform one of my bedroom walls. I will be adding wall planks, please see photos. At the same time, I’d like to remove my GIANT ceiling fan and replace it with a chandelier ceiling fan. I want to add a plank feature approx 3x5 around the chandelier that matches the wall. My questions:1 the boards are 1/4 inch each, do I finish the ends that go against the other two walls with finish trim?2 do I begin putting the boards up without removing the molding? 3. I will be painting the remainder of the room with a beige/gray color and will be buying a light wooden white beaded candelabra chandelier fan. I’m looking forwarding to hearing any and all suggestions as this is my first solo Project. Thank you so much!

q how do i begin this feature wall

Ceiling feature

q how do i begin this feature wall
q how do i begin this feature wall

Feature wall

q how do i begin this feature wall

Replaceable fan😳

q how do i begin this feature wall

Wall planks

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  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 17, 2019

    Hi, Denise,

    I'm not among the professional ranks, so take this advice as one homeowner to another.

    impressed with your project plans! To respond to your questions:

    1. Whether or not you want finish trim at the corners depends upon the look you want- more traditional would be to add finish mouldings and more contemporary or "Scandanavian" may be the no moulding. I'd recommend you place a section of planks against one wall at the corner and see how you like the unfinished look of no moulding. You could also purchase a "scrap" piece of moulding from a home store and place it against the corner, with your planks to see if you prefer that look.

    2. If you meant dod you need to remove the baseboard moulding prior to starting, I think it would depend upon how straight and plumb your walls are (this is rare). If you don't remove the base moulding, you may end up having to make cuts at the baseboard end to keep things straight.

    If you do remove the baseboard, you can always purchase new baseboard (this is not to say you still won't have to make cuts at the bottom of your planks, for your boards to appear completely straight).

    3. The planking around the chandelier may require careful measurement and perfect cutting if you wish it to fit close to the ceiling mount of the chandelier.

    Your wall color sounds as though it will coordinate nicely.

    I wish you much success with this effort.

  • Pamela Pamela on Jan 17, 2019

    Wow ! Sounds like an awesome plan ! You are like me , just jump right in there with a big plan , no easing into it ! Yes , I remove the molding , then put it back up over the planks along with finishing from on the sides . we did that in our bathroom , over a beadboard wall and it came out great. I think I would paint the room first before doing your project . Please take pictures along the way and post so we can see your finished room ! Good luck & have fun !

  • Judy in Canton. Judy in Canton. on Jan 17, 2019

    I agree with the above suggestions regarding the mouldings but I would reconsider putting the planks around your new chandelier. The fixture should be it's own focal point. sometimes less is more.

  • Annie Annie on Jan 17, 2019

    Agree with Judy and Pamela. I would not put this board around your new light fixture. It will look heavy and take away from it. You could use a thinner moulding for that but this is too wide.

  • Walter Bercarich Walter Bercarich on Jan 17, 2019

    Will the planks go with the Crown molding? Remove the crown on that wall and run planks to ceiling. On the base, remove existing base molding and run the planks all the way down, then install the same planks for a base molding. The original molding i don't think goes with the planks. At the sides that meet the wall; the walls most likely will not be plum or straight. a small trim molding can hide this imperfection or if you prefer not have trim, you can scribe a plank with a compass to match the contour of the wall and shave the plank. The compass leave a pencil mark on the plank that matches the contour of the wall perfectly. You shave the board with a small block plane. When you remove the crown you will have to fix the remaining crown because you may end up with a gap, depends how the corners were finished: mitered or coped. There a multi tool would do the job and caulk.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jan 30, 2019

    When you are looking at fans with a light to replace the old one that is up now, don't go on price alone and cheap out on one that has pulls. Get one with a remote control, even if it is a little higher priced. The first time you are tucked up in bed and need to either turn the light off, or change the fan speed, you will know it is worth it!

    Although the decibels are usually not marked on the box for ceiling fans, in my experience, usually the higher end fans are more quiet than the lower priced ones. For a bedroom you will want a quiet running unit.

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