Asked on Jun 18, 2012

how to avoid ants in my kitchen?

Lagree WyndhamJan CWoodbridge Environmental


in the last few days we have a trail of ants on out countertops... Help!!!
btw- is there a natural solution for this matter?
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  • Walter Reeves
    on Jun 18, 2012

    You may get other replies mentioning plant oils as repellents but the most effective control is one of the gel or liquid ant bait products.

  • Lynn C
    on Jun 18, 2012

    Black Pepper, they hate it and it works

  • Ants have been a real problem this year. You need to treat the perimeter twice a can get the chemicals from the Do-it-yourself-Pest Control shop either on Chamble Tucker Road near I-85 or the one out at Highway 78 in Lilburn near Lake Lucern

  • All great advice Leah, but you also need to find the moisture source that has attracted these bugs in the first place. When you see them they are only foraging for food. Their nest area is near moisture. Perhaps a very tiny leak under the sink? Or perhaps like Handy/ANDY said the perimeter of the house may be the issue. Check in that area also for tiny ant hills in the soil.

  • Jan C
    on Jun 19, 2012

    I was told cinnamon, it worked and made the kitchen smell pretty at the same time. Just put a line where they were and it chased them away.

  • Lagree Wyndham
    on May 12, 2015

    not natural, but scrubbing bubbles works in a pinch.

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