How to fix bathroom walls?

Our bathroom walls used to have tile on it. My husband took them all off along with the bathroom floor. Also pulled the vanity out. Now he is ill. Can someone please tell me how to begin to replace the floor and walls. I have holes where the vanity is and holes where the towel rack used to be.

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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Jan 27, 2019

    Replace with what? What are you putting on floor? Drywall on walls? Did he remove tile in tub area too?

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Jan 27, 2019

    If the walls are drywall you can use drywall spackle too fill in the holes. If the walls are still rough after removing the tiles, try to sand them smooth. If you cannot get the smooth then think about adding some boards which can be nailed on, but you will have to find the studs with a stud finder first so that you can nail to them. The floor will be the last thing to do. Lay down vinyl planks which are generally glued down. You should be able to do this. It is good if you can do this before you set the vanity back in place. Go on line to to get some ideas on what you would like. You will also get a better visual idea on how these items are applied. If you decide to just fill the holes in the wall and paint be sure to apply some primer, Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3, to the walls before applying your final coat of paint. The primer can be tinted to the same color as your final coat.

  • NotHermione NotHermione on Jan 29, 2019

    If the bath tub tiles were pulled up, it'd be easiest to replace it with a fiberglass surround. If you do actual tiles in this area, you'd have to deal with cement backer board, etc. Could be a tougher fix. If tub is on an outside wall, make sure that outside facing wall is INSULATED! (Mine was not.)

    To fill in towel rack holes, i put pieces of shim small enough but wide enough to span the gap, BEHIND the hole and caulked it in place. When dry, cut a piece of wallboard to fit the hole and caulk in place. When dry, fill in around the edges with joint compound or spackle. Let dry, sand smooth. It may take several tries. If there's a rough surface maybe using a palm sander... i don't think a finishing sander would be powerful enough. Or use sanding blocks, going from coarse to fine, to even out the surface. Use the Zinser paint previously written about to prime, then paint.

    I assume the base molding was torn out, don't replace til the flooring is replaced.

    I assume that your husband didn't take up the actual floorboards. Sheet flooring is more difficult to put around toilet. Of course, pulling up the toilet would make it easier, and you could replace the wax seal at the same time. I would use 12"x 12" vinyl tiles. If you miscut, it's a cheap mistake. Just buy an extra box of tiles.

    As for the vanity, just find a replacement in the size you want. Screw the back braces into the studs to secure. Caulk aaround the vanity and the wall. Hooking up the plumbing is not difficult. Home maintenance store people should be able to walk you through it. Couldn't keep my drain-waste-vent pipe from leaking. They didn't tell me to use this white paint paste between the joints. If he kept the original pipes, you could just duplicate the pipes_positions. Hope he did so...

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