Asked on Jun 18, 2012

i have red spot on my carpet

Nancy LJerri TCarroll A


i try everything please help
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  • Leslie D
    on Jun 18, 2012

    What made the spot? Depending on what it is, it's treated differently. Lipstick would be one thing, red wine another.

  • Nancy L
    on Jun 18, 2012

    Its like wine

  • Nichole S
    on Jun 18, 2012

    Mix one part Dawn dishwashing liquid (the plain old blue kind, in the big bottle that usually sits on your sink), with two parts hydrogen peroxide Read More

  • It is not advisable to put soap on the carpet as it is difficult to extract it & the residue it leaves attracts dirt & the spot reappears. The best product for wine is Spot Shot. Kroger & Publix grocery stores sell it. Home Depot & Lowes should have it as well.

  • Donna McCrummen
    on Jun 18, 2012

    I agree with Lee Anne - do not use soap. I've used Spic N Span.

  • Carroll A
    on Jun 19, 2012

    My go to product is Krud Kutter. I has taken dried finger polish, paint, wheel chair grease, and last night sweet and sour sauce out of my carpets over the years. But do test first. I have never had it discolor anything but you can't be too safe.

  • Jerri T
    on Jun 19, 2012

    A dinner party saw an entire glass of red wine fall to my lightly colored carpet. Tried everything on the list to remove red wine. Peroxide finally took it out completely. And since it turns to water after air exposure there's no residue whatsoever. You may want to test for colorfastness first.

  • Nancy L
    on Jun 25, 2012

    I brought a bissell streamer that took it out

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