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Composting 101: The Nitty-Gritty About Rotting Scraps

Every gardener knows about compost. Or so we think. I grew up with two huge compost bins out back. Whatever was leftover was thrown in them. The chickens were let in to scratch and the piles turned regularly, but there were things I didn't know about composting until now.
Today we're going to talk about composting methods and myths.
What? There are things you shouldn't compost? This was all new to me!
Then we'll discuss how to speed up the composting process with some common herbs and weeds.
When life gives you leaves, make compost.
Frozen scraps don't rot. Learn to keep your compost warm during the winter.
so that come spring and summer, you'll be able to treat your garden plants to a nice refreshing glass of..compost tea!?!?

To see more: http://momprepares.com/composting-101/

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